“A Taste of Bridge”

For players new to bridge, be assured that we never forget that what we are teaching you is just a game. But what a game! For many of us it became a life time passion. Our Taste of Bridge introductory series tries to show you what bridge is all about and, if you see what we see, we let bridge do the rest. Understand, bridge is not for everyone. We know that. But if you like a good detective story, like figuring things out, like combining tiny facts to draw conclusions, know that that’s what is in store for you.  Just like when starting a game like, say,  tennis, where each individual stroke needs to be explained, demonstrated, then drilled until it is becomes second nature, so too with bridge. And as with tennis, or for that matter, anything new you choose to really get into, half the fun should be in the getting there.  Be assured, your bridge journey with us will be just that, fun (see below).

The course:

Our five 2-hr lesson series comes complete with:

  • Honors’ own easy to follow (really!) book,  “A Taste of Bridge”. It is the book that the American Bridge Teachers’ recently awarded their highest honor, Book of the Year. More than that, it was the first bridge book for brand new players that was ever given that award. 
  • Six weeks of Best e-Bridge, our online interactive sister site that’s great for practicing what you are learning in between sessions.
  • Small classes: Online these classes are kept to a maximum of twelve students. That’s no more than three tables of players per instructor. This low teacher to pupil ratio will insure that you’ll get all the individual attention you might need.
  • $175 complete. A $75 deposit is all that’s required.


Monday evenings at 6:45 pm…Starting July 20th (sold out).

Wednesday evenings at 6:45 pm…Starting August 12th.

Thursday mornings at 10:30 am…Starting August 13th.

To reserve your seat at one of our tables, please email Jeff Badler, leaving a call back number…..jeff@badler.com


Dear POTENTIAL student, 

We pride ourselves on teaching bridge the way it should be taught! We never forget, first and foremost……It’s a game!

We begin by playing with only two or three cards at a time. Step by step we build on it until midway through the first session you find yourself playing bridge. By the end of that first session you will have a basic understanding of how tricks are won and lost and you’ll be starting to bid and play without having memorized a thing!

After the five lessons I can’t promise that you will be a great player (sorry), but you will have an insight into what it takes to become one. Hopefully we will have passed on to you our love of this remarkably exciting game.

Our classes are very small. No more than three tables of players per instructor. These lessons are hands-on with the emphasis on having a good time while you learn. This very adult way of learning has you playing and practicing right from the start. No stuffy, old fashioned lecturing, no memorizing, and no need to take notes. Everything we teach comes right from the book because we wrote the book. And if you’d like to practice in between lessons, we encourage you to try our very user friendly interactive website, Best e-Bridge.com, that comes free with the course.

Our lessons work. We have an outstanding track record. A high percentage of our students go on to become players. Each week hundreds of our students enjoy playing in one or more of our eight “kitchen table” sessions for novice and developing players.

In the past thirty-odd years our club has probably created more bridge players than any other club in the country. The classes are fun and the instruction is first rate. 
This I guarantee: You won’t find a better introductory book, a better practice site,  better instructors, or a better all-round course than ours anywhere else.

Please email Jeff Badler to reserve your seat at our virtual table. Please leave him your telephone number : jeff@badler.com

Or, for anything else email me at honorsbridge@gmail.com or call me at (917)544-1224.

Welcome to the wonderful world of bridge,
Jeff Bayone