Beginner 2, 3 and our Jeff Badler and Shlomit Rind review courses.

Beginner 2 Classes

If you are reading about our Beginner 2 program then our Beginner 1, “Taste of Bridge” course did its job. Welcome to our world!!

Beginner 1 dealt with no-trump hands. The Beginner 2 series provides the bidding and play you’ll need to play in a trump contract and then some. 

The Beginner 2 series meets once a week for 6 weeks. The cost is $210. 

Upcoming Beginner 2 Classes:
Monday 6:45 pm starting August 24th.

Beginner 3 Classes

Did you use to play bridge regularly but feel the need for a refresher course? Have you already taken a dozen or so bridge classes and played a few times? This series starts you on your way to building a powerful modern bidding system. You’ll work on constructive bidding sequences, with emphasis on 1NT responses and rebids, and what it takes to go to the two level in a new suit. You’ll also study card play, defensive strategy, and be shown a few ways to signal partner during the play. Four or more practice hands will be played and thoroughly analyzed each week.

The Beginner 3 series meets once a week for 6 weeks. The cost is $210. 

Upcoming Beginner 3 Classes starting dates:
Tuesday 10:00 am…July 14th.
Thursday 7:00 pm…July 23rd.

Review of Beginner 1,2, and 3:


With Jeff Badler
Tuesdays from 11:30 am – 1:15 pm and Thursdays from 4:30 pm – 6:15 pm….$35 per class. 
You will be the declarer on every hand!

These classes are ideal if you’ve just finished taking beginning bridge lessons and want more practice playing with explanations after each hand.
They are also perfect if you haven’t played in a while and wish to brush up on fundamental skills.
These classes can be taken once a week or twice a week,
Email: for reservations.

Our Post Beginner 1,2,and 3 enrichment series;

Our most popular series ever!!

A continuation of the Honors’ three Beginner courses with a few additional topics added in. These sessions are unique in that they each have many more example hands on every topic covered in the beginner series. Repetition, familiarity is the key to getting what you were taught nailed down.  Shlomit Rind instructs. Reach her at  To give you an idea of this course’s popularity,  there are at least two sessions a day, seven days a week….$35 each session.