Beginner 2, 3, 4 and our Jeff Badler and Shlomit Rind review courses.

Beginner 2 Classes

If you are reading about our Beginner 2 program then our Beginner 1, “Taste of Bridge” course did its job. Welcome to our world!!

Beginner 1 dealt with no-trump hands. The Beginner 2 series provides the bidding and play you’ll need to play in a trump contract and then some. 

The Beginner 2 series meets once a week for 6 weeks. The cost is $210. 
Upcoming Beginner 2 Classes:
Thursday 9:45 am starting October 8th.

Beginner 3 Classes

We begin an exploration of competitive auctions using Takeout Doubles and Overcalls.
We introduce you to Stayman and Jacoby Transfers, two of the most popular bidding conventions.  Continued work on play of the hand and defense with lots of interactive example hands.
The Beginner 3 series meets once a week for 6 weeks.
The cost is $210. 
Starting dates for new Beginner 3 Courses:
Monday 6:45 pm starting October 5th.

Beginner 4 Classes

Did you use to play bridge regularly but feel the need for a refresher course?
Have you already taken a dozen or so bridge classes and played a few times?
This series teaches whether or not to pull trump, and takes you on your way to building a powerful modern bidding system. You’ll work on constructive bidding sequences, with emphasis on 1NT responses and rebids, and what it takes to go to the 2- level in a new suit. You’ll also study card play, defensive strategy including learning how to begin sugnalling partner with the choice of cards in your arsenal.  With our new teaching platform at least four or more practice hands will be played and thoroughly analyzed each week, and you will be the declarer on every one of those hands!

Upcoming Beginner 4 Classes:
Tuesday 7:00 pm starting October 8th.

Our Beginner Plus Course

Play of the Hand and Bidding class for Beginners.

These interactive online classes focus on play, improving your skills as declarer, and bidding, ensuring meaningful dialogue between you and your partner. The key to becoming a good player is to perfect fundamentals. This class will help build that  solid foundation. It is also ideal supervised practice for those who have taken or are enrolled in the Beginner series, or if you just haven’t played in a while. 

Jeff Badler presents challenging hands and you will be the declarer on every hand

Tuesdays 11:30 AM ET and Thursdays 4:30 PM ET. 
For reservations and questions, please contact Jeff Badler at  Include your phone number please.  $40 per session.


Our P.A.T COURSE (Putting it All Together Course)

(This is the next level up from Beginner Plus.)

Review and assimilate all you’ve been taught for the past few months in our four Beginner courses.

This is Honors most popular series ever.  It is more than just a review of our four Beginner courses. We throw in  a few new topics  but the emphasis is on putting in practice what you’ve been studying. These sessions are unique in that they each have many more example hands on every topic then were covered in the beginner series. Repetition and familiarity are the keys to assimilating all you’ve been taught but haven’t firmly grasped. 

 Shlomit Rind is the series instructors… 
This course is given many times a week….$35 ($20 with EASY PASS).