Beginner 2, 3 and our review Putting it All Together (P.A.T.) Classes

Beginner 2 Classes

If you are reading about our Beginner 2 program then our Beginner 1, “Taste of Bridge” course did its job. Welcome to our world!!

Beginner 1 dealt with no-trump hands. The Beginner 2 series provides the bidding and play you’ll need to play in a trump contract and then some. 

The Beginner 2 series meets once a week for 6 weeks. The cost is $210. 

Upcoming Beginner 2 Classes:

Monday 9:45 am  starting May 18th. (Sorry, sold out)

Tuesday 10:00 am starting June 2nd.

Wednesday 4:30 pm starting May 20th. (1 seat left)

Thursday 4:30 pm…starting May 14th (Sold out)

Saturday 10:15 am starting May 23rd.


Beginner 3 Classes

Did you use to play bridge regularly but feel the need for a refresher course? Have you already taken a dozen or so bridge classes and played a few times? This series starts you on your way to building a powerful modern bidding system. You’ll work on constructive bidding sequences, with emphasis on 1NT responses and rebids, and what it takes to go to the two level in a new suit. You’ll also study card play, defensive strategy, and be shown a few ways to signal partner during the play. Four or more practice hands will be played and thoroughly analyzed each week.

The Beginner 3 series meets once a week for 6 weeks. The cost is $210. 

Upcoming Beginner 3 Classes:

Monday 6:30 pm…starting June 8th.


P.A.T. Review Series
(Putting it All Together)

Our most popular series!!

An ongoing review of Honors’ entire Beginner 1,2 and 3 courses with a few additional topics added in. These sessions are unique in that they each have lots more example hands than is common in a class setting. Shlomit Rind instructs. Reach her at  To give you an idea of this course’s popularity,  there are at least two sessions a day, seven days a week….$35 each session.