Online Help Page

***To obtain an ACBL membership number: 

***Need help getting started with online bridge? Fran Schnoll (646)339-9105 or Betsy Jenks (646)559-2290

***Need a partner? Our partnership coordinator is Fran Schnoll. You can reach her at  (646)339-9105.

***Are you BLOCKED? Here’s why and what you’ll be able to do about it fairly easily as hundreds before you have done, and continue every day to do,.

  • If you, or your partner, have not played in one of our eight Metropolitan area clubs since January of 2019 then expect that you will both be needing to be invited into the game the first time you try to register.
  • If you do not have your ACBL number registered on BBO.  To fix this, log on, click on ACBL WORLD, then choose UPDATE MY ACBL# and enter your number and UPDATE.  If you do this, you still will need to wait until the system updates at midnight before you can be unblocked.  We have no control over this, sorry.
  • If you are both still blocked, it may be your partner.  Make sure your partner runs down this list and gets everything in order, too.

It may also be that your name or number was not transferred correctly from the ACBL to BBO. If this is the case contact the director for the game within BBO. You can do this a little before game time by following these instructions:

To unblock yourselves:
Go back to the virtual club tournament game you tried to register for. Look for the blue box  that’s all the way on the left on this tournament’s line. That’s actually the Tournament Director’s ID. When you click on it, you will be able to communicate with him or her directly.  A flashing cue will appear on the message line in the director’s box that appears on your right.  Write the word “Blocked” and include the following three items from both you and your partner: Your real names, your BBO user names, and your ACBL numbers which you both made sure is already entered in your BBO profiles.
Now, send this message to the director by pressing enter or return on your KEYBOARD. Click the purple Chat button on the right of the message line to see what you just sent and to see the director’s reply.

***Need HELP with anything else?

It is on the way!  If you are new to online bridge, as many of us were just a short time ago, we suggest starting with the ACBL’s online help videos.

For everything else, you can reach me, Jeff Bayone, at (best). If you have to reach someone immediately, try calling (917)544-1224.

During the game, if you have to reach the game’s director, please go through the BBO chat room.