Playing Lessons

There may be no better way on the planet to bring your game up a notch or two or three, than by playing for two-plus hours with a professional player in an actual BBO online game. Besides tips, you may even pick up a few extra Master Points along the way. Most pros spend time after the game going over some or all of the hands you just played. For what is, in actuality, a private three hour lesson, the $150 to $220 price tag (their fee plus your two BBO card fees) is probably a good deal less than hiring almost any other private anything in NYC for the equivalent amount of time.

If you would like to give a playing session a try, here is an alphabetically ordered list of Honors’ and All For One! Online’s professional players, with emails and brief descriptions of who they are, what they do for us at the clubs, and what other bridge services they offer.

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Jeff Bayone

Aaron Silverstein (
World Class Player. Directs six games a week, hosts two post-game sessions and is one of Honors co-owners.
Adam Parrish (

Adam teaches private (1-4 people) and semi-private (2-4 table) lessons, focusing on bridge reasoning and the thought processes involved.
Alene Friedman (
Hosts several of Honors Semi- Private supervised playing sessions.
Andrea Hayman (
On Tuesdays, she offers one of Honors longest running courses on Defense and also hosts one-table semi-private supervised playing lessons.
Aviv Shahaf (
Honors Head Director and Club Manager…Available evenings.
Barbara Bayone (
Head of Honors’ Beginner Teaching Program. Great for Intermediate players who would feel more comfortable in the 0 – 2500 level games. One of Honors co-owners.
Eliot Kramer (
Sephardic Bridge Club’s owner and a frequent post-game contributor.
Florin Neamtu (
All levels, he hosts our post-game Monday evening seminar for our 49er players.
Gail Greenberg (
Honors founder, co-owner, and member of the ACBL’s Hall of Fame! Gail will be back teaching several times a week and hosting her famous Monday afternoon Dupli-Lesson, just as soon as we reopen.
Giorgia Botta (
Head of our 49er program and an International player.
James Southern (
Directs and is the post-game host of our evening 0 – 800 games. Available for small group zoom lessons. Great for Intermediate players who feel more comfortable in the 0 – 2500 level games.
Jeff Aker (
World class coach. Directs and is the post-game host for our Wednesday evening IMP Pairs game.
Jeff Hand (
Teaches five courses a week,hosts several post-game sessions, and, along with Gail Greenberg, runs bridge vacations since 2007
Jeff Hearn (
Assistant Head Director at Honors. Great for Intermediate players feeling more comfortable in the 0 – 2500 level games.
Jess Jurkovic (
Teaches several classes a week, a favorite Friday evening wine and cheese seminar host. I
s available for private and semi-private small groups, as well as playing sessions.

Joseph Byrnes (
Directs and teaches three courses a week. Voted NYC ‘Best Teacher of Year’ the last time the award was given.
Kerry Kappell (
Directs, teaches, and runs the Sunday afternoon children’s program at Cavendish. Available for both online individual and small group playing lessons.
Lorraine Cable (
Directs and is available for small group (1 – 4 students) zoom-style lessons. Often co-hosts our evening 0-800 post-game sessions with James Southern.
Marin Marinov (
Directs, offers semi-private playing sessions, and hosts our Sunday afternoon post-game session.
Shlomit Rind ((
Heads our advanced beginner P.A.T. program. Runs both of our Novice teaching games on Wednesday evenings and Friday afternoons.
Yefim Shoyket (
Directs, hosts our Thursday morning post-game sessions, and teaches three classes a week at Honors.

Especially for our Beginner through Low-Intermediate players

Private (one-on-one or two-on-one) lessons
$100 per hour. Booked by emailing the instructor of your choice.

For the beginner through advanced beginner players we recommend, in alphabetical order:
Jeff Badler…
Barbara Bayone…
Shlomit Rind…

For low-intermediate players we recommend, in alphabetical order:
Barbara Bayone…
Alene Friedman…
Shlomit Rind…

Semi-private (up to four in a group) lessons offered at Honors many times a week.
Visit us at for days and times.
Perhaps you are not looking for formal instruction, but rather for instructional play. The hands you’ll be playing will be dealt at random so no will know ahead of time what challenges await. Whatever comes, comes. These sessions are the equivalent of Honors’ supervised play sessions, except your table has its own teacher the entire time!
Come by yourself, with a partner, or as a foursome. These sessions are limited to four players and last 1 hour and 45 minutes. The cost is $40.00 per player.

Recommended instructors, in alphabetical order.
Alene Friedman…
Andrea Hayman…
Jess Jurkovic…
Marin Marinov…
Email the instructor or visit us at for their session times.
Do you know someone? 

Our classes are fun, intuitive, and very interactive. If someone asks you for a recommendation, feel 100% confident that by introducing them to Jeff Badler and Barbara Bayone you will be putting them in the best professional hands. In only a short time Barbara and Jeff have perfected the art of teaching beginning bridge online. And it is an art. Small Zoom classes mean lots of attention. These courses are generating a lot of enthusiasm and have already begun to create dozens of new players. 
If you think you might have someone for us, please ask them to visit us at or call us at (917)544-1224. Tip: These lesson packages make wonderful gifts. Lifetime gifts. And we just happen to offer gift certificates that Stephen can personalize and have emailed to that special someone.


Phone:     (917)544-1225