Welcome to our All For One! online site.

All For One! Online

We’ve combined nine metropolitan area clubs to form All For One! Online.

Aces, Cavendish and Honors in Manhattan

Sephardic in Brooklyn and Deal New Jersey

Hartes in Westchester

BRIDGExpress and The Bridge School of L.I. in Long Island

and, most recently,

Come Play Bridge at Westport in Connecticut.

****Already playing but need an occasional partner:  You can reach Fran at our partnership desk. Her phone number is: (646)339-9105.

****Need help getting started. Fran or Betsy will walk you through. Betsy can be reached at(646)559-2290.

**** If you simply need help getting you and your partner UNBLOCKED and invited in by the game’s director, go to our online help page. The link is just a few lines below on this page.

Just need information:

Click here for a schedule of our online games

Are you new to online bridge? Just a few weeks ago we were too. Everything you need to know to start playing is just a click away.  But if you also need someone to hold your hand and walk you through the very very basics of online play, our own Fran and Betsy are here for you. 


If you would like to become a member and start earning your way to someday achieving Life Master status: 



Know nothing about bridge, but want to?

This click is for you.

Looking for intermediate classes.


Looking for online private and semi-private lessons?

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